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Check out these Regular Games

Wednesday Ladies Day - Drop in any Wednesday morning!

Starting at 9 am until we go back to daylight time in March, we play doubles for two hours.  Most weeks we field two courts, so we switch courts and partners every set.

If the numbers don’t even up, we do whatever it takes to make sure everyone gets to play, with a singles court, a court of three or whatever, so please join us when your schedule permits.  It’s FREE for members!

Know your schedule in advance?

We’d be very grateful if you could tell us when you’re planning to play.

Saturday Men’s Match Play

Drop in any Saturday you can, from 7:30 – 9:30 am.

Men’s Games

Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

League Play

How it works

First, find a partner.   You’ll be one of many teams that play each other – one match a week – on your own schedule, Four Seasons : Winter/Mixed Doubles , Spring/Mens & Women’s Doubles, Summer Mixed Doubles and Fall/Mens & Women’s Doubles running eight weeks. If we get some rain, it may take a little longer to get your matches in.  At the end, we’ll have a celebration in the bar and announce the big winners! 


Members: $10 per person goes for the club party!  Not a member?  Your cost TBD.

Tennis Socials

This year I introduced Grand Slam Socials starting with the Australian Open in Jan , then French Open in May, Wimbledon in July and ending with the US Open in Sept.  Also, we had the BNP Paribas in March which acts like the 5th Gland Slam.  Overall they are a big hit for Social Round Robin Match Play Competition and Fantastic Food Theme paired to the Gland Slam Hosting Country.  We had 36 members compete and eat at the US Open Social our last of the Yr.

Club Events

Club events will include our first fund raising tournament in Oct to help finance any new project to improve the look and quality of our tennis facility.  The first is for the new patio furniture and umbrellas.  Future member guest get-togethers and all the events the Social committee are planning for the golf, tennis and social members to feel that total Club experience;  The Place to Be!!!

For More Information On Membership

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