Grow Your Game

Junior Clinics

Captain Kirk and company teach junior clinics after school two days a week. Overall, our philosophy is that you can never spend too much time on the basics: consistent strokes, timely footwork and old-fashioned fun on the court.

Summer of 2017 we had over 40 Students joining our 6, 4 day week camps playing Tennis , Learning Classic Fundamentals, Playing Tennis Baseball, Beach Ball Tennis, Dungeons & Dragons, Freeze Tag and Jungle Ball for Loads of Fun and Laughs.  Students learned to Play Golf on the Driving Range, Chipping area and Putting Green by Annie Baker our Golf Pro on Wed. & Fri. and then on to Lunch and Swim.  Little Peoples Tennis was 6 weeks on Sat mornings ages 4-8 Learning the Basics with lots of Snacks and Otter Pops to keep them Focused!!!!...Hahaha ... I am Looking Forward to Seeing You All Next Summer!!!!


Ages 11 and up, 4-5:30 pm.

Amore advanced clinic, with Focus on planning and winning the point and on refining strokes.


  • Sportsmanship and empathy.
  • Poiseinwinning – and grace in losing.
  • An ethic of physical and mental fitness.


Ages 10 and under, 4-5 pm

Whether your child has never held a racquet or hasbeen playing for several years, Wednesday’s clinic has much to teach her:

  • Strokes that make sure she hits the same shot every time.
  • Friendly competition with her own agemates of varying skill levels.
  • Teamwork and empathy.
  • The rules, code and customs of the game.
  • An ethic of overall fitness.

Adult Clinics / Drill Classes

Tuesday AM Drill Class

If you’ve got what it takes to work on your game at that hour, Captain Kirk’s got the drills.  You will develop the skills.  Winter start time is 8 am, and you get 5 sessions for $100, payable in advance.  Non-Member $25 per class.  The clinic runs for an hour and a half.

Come every week, or just when you can – you’ll leave ready to start your day!

Saturday’s, Drill Class 11-1, Men, Women, & Juniors 3.5-4.5 Level

Run. Hit. Play. Drill.

A mixture of fundamentals ,technique, live-ball drills and match-play points, this clinic will get your feet moving and your heart pumping.  Plus, find new friends to play with all week long!  You’ll be most comfortable – and challenged – if you play between the 3.5 and 4.5 levels.

$100 for five sessions, payable in advance.  Non members $25 per class

Private / Semi-Private Lessons

I Teach Classic Fundamentals, Technical Excellence and a Players Game like the Pro’s Play. $60 Hr.

For More Information On Membership

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